Happy New Year 2021

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What a year 2020 was!

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What a year 2020 was! The year started like any other year. We stayed up late watching TV, waiting to count down to the new year as the ball dropped at times square in New York. We watched people packed close together on the streets, parks and parking lots, in different parts of the country as they celebrated the end of one year and the beginning of another. As we did every New Year, we toasted to a happy new year, thanked God for another year and went to bed. 


The year seemed to be quite normal to all of us. We set our 2020 goals and focused on achieving them. Until… March when the Covid-19 pandemic started in the United States. Then our lives were suddenly disrupted. Things we never thought would run out at the stores were no where to be found. Toilet paper, sanitizers, masks, wipes, disinfectants and gloves became a rare commodity. Then, some governors issued stay at home orders in an effort to control the spread of the Corona virus infections in their states. We were “forced” to stay home as schools, churches, restaurant, bars and places where people usually gather were closed.  We wore masks when outside our home when we could not socially distance. Signs were stuck on the floor six feet apart indicating where people were supposed to stand while waiting in line in order to socially distance. Those who could, worked from home.  Essential and healthcare workers, those among whom working from home was not an option, saw their workplaces transform to help them stay safe and to socially distance.  A lot of people lost their jobs and businesses. Some people got Sick from Covid-19 infection, and recovered at home but some were not so fortunate and had to be hospitalized. Things got worse when people started dying in large numbers from the covid-19 infections. Some families lost multiple family members. We all have directly or indirectly been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic and hopefully it has brought us closer together and made us more compassionate to those in need.


For a moment, our focus shifted from achieving our goals to surviving the pandemic. My husband Charles worked from home, while our daughter did virtual learning through zoom. Our roles and responsibilities evolved and expanded. We were expected to fulfill our job obligations, work full time, as well as become experts in virtual learning, zoom classes and home schooling. We learned that we are very adaptable, and our kids very resilient.


We had faith in God for His provision and protection and did what was within our control. By focusing on what we could control, we realized we actually had more control than we initially thought. We created our own safe bubbles, our safe space. It was great having Charles work from home. Our daughter would wake up and the first thing she did was curl up in a chair next to him, wrap herself in her soft blanket and watch her daddy work. These and many more priceless moments were part of our safe space. We sheltered our daughter from all the news and anxiety that went on in the world. To keep myself sane, I kept a gratitude jounal and allowed myself some alone time when the rest of the family was asleep. We kept intouch with our families and friends through video chat when face to face meetings were not possible. We refocused our attention on achieving the goals we had set to achieve in 2020.


With all the changes that happened in 2020, our health goals remained top priority. We did not let the circumstances and things that happened around us dictate what we consumed. Spending more time at home gave us more control of what we ate. We made healthy food choices.  While some people gained a few pounds last year, and called it the quarantine-15, we used the skills we learned through the years to stay in control of what we ate and to maintain a healthy weight. We are grateful and don’t take for granted the skills we have  learned through the years, that help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


We are looking forward to a wonderful 2021 and no matter the challenges ahead, we know we will be okay. As 2020 taught us, we are more adaptable and resilient than we think. 
It is our hope that you too will have a healthier and stronger 2021, and that you will reach your health goals. 
If you need help losing weight and keeping it off, we are here to help. 


Happy 2021

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