Let's be honest, we all need food to live and thrive.


Have you ever wished you had a way of knowing which foods are great for you and which ones sabotage your weight loss or health goals?


Have you tried cutting out certain foods from
your diet, only to end up gaining more weight?


It’s frustrating ...Right? 

Does this sound familiar?

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You are tired of how much you weigh, you want to lose the stubborn belly fat, but you feel confused when it comes to choosing the right foods.

You no longer want the food to keep winning the fight between you, and those late night snacks, and sugar and carb cravings.

What you want is to gain control over your food choices, forget about those food cravings, WIN the food fight and finally reach your weight loss and health goals once and for all.

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Imagine if you could...


  • Have the clarity on why you have not reached your weight loss goals, and learn what you can do to reach those goals.
  • And not just reach your weight goal but learn how to manage your healthy weight for the rest of your life.
  • Have energy and mental clarity to live the life you want.
  • Feel the change from within and see that change manifest on the outside by weight loss, and a healthier looking you!
  • Have a healthy digestive system by listening to your body and eliminating the foods that you are sensitive to without compromising your nutrition intake.
  • Feel confident in what you wear by loving who you are inside and out.

The list goes on!!

With sustainable Keto by Rachel...


Here are top 3 reasons to choose us

Growing up I was the type of person who could eat anything and not gain weight.


Weight loss was never something I thought about until after my second pregnancy. I was on bed rest most of my pregnancy, went from an active lifestyle to no activity at all. Walking was difficult due to back and pelvis pain. After my daughter was born, it was still very painful to walk. I found myself gaining weight and did not know what to do. The weight slowly crept on and I found myself 57 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. 
I didn't like where this was going... I needed to do something.
This is where my weight loss journey started. I did some things right, made a lot of mistakes and 4 years later, I reached my weight loss goal. I lost a total of 67 pounds and have kept it off. 
Before I started my ketogenic lifestyle, I had lost 40 pounds, but I was...
Having a hard time shedding the stubborn belly fat. 
Tired all the time, even after a good night's sleep. 
Having a hard time staying mentally focused.
Felt hungry all the time. 
Had digestion issues and was bloated and gassy most of the time
Was gaining the weight back.
I was frustrated and needed a new game plan.
That's when I started the ketogenic diet. My goal was to try it for a month, but I was so excited with the first month’s results and I kept going and keto became part of my lifestyle. 
With the ketogenic diet...
I reached my goal weight.
My digestive issues went away.
The belly fat melted away.
I felt more energetic and mentally focused. 
I was finally able to keep up with my high-energy daughter.
I silenced the voice in my head that kept reminding me I could gain weight again.
And, I gained my confidence back.
The experience during the 4 years of my weight loss journey sparked a passion inside me to help others who are frustrated and looking for a way to take control of their health and lose weight and keep it off. It can be difficult and time-consuming to figure out keto on your own, I have been there, and done that. I have simplified the process for you by focusing on helping you choose the right foods for you and making small changes that are sustainable long term.

Perfect if:

You're looking for a long-term weight loss solution.

You want to lose that stubborn belly fat, without feeling hungry or deprived of nutrients

You're ready to transition from your current eating style to the ketogenic lifestyle.

Not so perfect if:

You are looking for a quick-fix weight loss solution.

You're not open to a ketogenic diet.


Are you ready to experience the power of ketosis as you lose weight and achieve your health goals?


Amazing Lifetime Deal

Sustainable Keto by Rachel
USD 99.0 / month
Sustainable Keto by Rachel
Six months Sustainble Keto program with Rachel


I'm the person who can marry carbohydrates and live happily ever after. For two years I tried to part ways and reduce my wheat but it was a huge struggle. I wanted to lose weight, especially around my belly but I did not want to put in the right work. I had just given birth to my son and I wanted the last ten pounds gone. My friend Rachel had lost her weight through healthy Keto and I commended her for the hard work. We were workout buddies, diet plan buddies before her healthy Keto journey (I became pregnant) and the transition was amazing. I watched her for 1 year every step of the way. I was getting frustrated, nagging people about my weight and I thought it was time I dedicated myself to healthy Keto believing I will get results as her. I decided to commit to two months. Within the first month,  the results were evident. I had lost fifteen pounds and three inches of my waist. Healthy Keto works 💯 This is my new lifestyle and I love it. #sustainableketo.

In our 6-month Sustainable Keto by Rachel program, you will have access to:


  • Tools to help you transition from your current eating style to keto.
  • A personalized guide to getting you started on keto.
  • Ways to customize your meal plans to make them your own and eat healthy keto foods you enjoy.
  • A community of people with similar goals helping you stay accountable to yourself.
  • A fun way to keto without stressing out on the macros by learning how to make changes to your food portions while staying kind to yourself.

While also learning about:

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  • What a ketogenic diet is.
  • How to choose the right foods for you.
  • How to incorporate a workout routine with keto, based on your lifestyle and fitness level.
  • What to do after you reach your goal to maintain your healthy lifestyle.



...And much more!

Are you ready to lose weight and feel great?! Join today!


Pay Monthly


6-month Keto program
Ongoing access to our membership community
Sustainable Keto by Rachel
USD 99.0 / month
Sustainable Keto by Rachel
Six months Sustainble Keto program with Rachel


Here are top 3 reasons to choose us

How do you get into ketosis?


I’ll give you a very simplified explanation without the scientific mambo jambos...


When you eat a certain combination of fats, protein and low carbs, your body has a limited source of carbs for energy, and it is forced to switch from glucose burning mode to burning fats for energy. The liver converts fats to energy releasing chemicals called ketones. The state at which the body utilizes fats for energy, releasing ketones is called being in ketosis. When the body gets into ketosis, you can easily be intentional with what you eat as you are no longer relying fully on your strong will to decide what and when you eat. You will eat when hungry and stay full longer. 
This will be achieved by eating real food like veggies, fruits, healthy fats, avocado oil, olive oil, fish, meat, poultry.
You will skip the high carb starchy foods, eat nutrition dense low carb food, moderate proteins and healthy fats.
With time your body will get used to burning fat for energy and this is when you say you are fat adapted. 

Still have questions if Sustainable keto by Rachel program is right for you?

A-Z Guide for Online Entrepreneurs, Experts, Freelancers, Consultants, and all course creators.

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