Tips on how to keep track of your health goals.


For most of us, new year marks a time to reset or set new goals. January becomes a time of fresh beginnings. We set new year resolutions or goals to change or improve some aspects of our live. But as good as our intentions may be, how do we tell if we are improving or getting closer to achieving our goals?


A good way to think about our goals is having the end in mind. What results do you want to achieve? How much time do you think it will take to achieve your goals? Setting realistic goals helps reduce disappointment and frustration. If you are not sure if a goal is realistic or not, ask a coach or a trusted friend.


Once you have set those realist, measurable goals with a deadline, having an action plan becomes a good way stay focused on those goals. This also helps you track progress.

Tracking our actions lets us know if our actions are getting us closer or further away from our goals. This is one of the things we focus on in our Sustainable keto by Rachel program. We start by setting 6 months measurable goals, that are broken down to monthly, weekly and daily goals. We then keep track of our actions to track these goals. The main areas we track progress are is weight loss, healthy eating habits, exercise and reducing stress.


Some goals are easier to track than others. Weight loss is one of the simple ways to track, both long term and short term. There are several ways to track progress: using a bathroom scale, using a tape measure, taking a front and /or side photo of yourself, keeping a pair of jeans or dress one size smaller than you currently wear and trying it on from time to time.

When it comes to keeping up with healthy eating habits, a food journal, and setting a meal plan helps. You are able to keep track of foods that work for you and those that don’t. Trying new foods and adding the ones you like to your meal plan help you increase your meal options making it easier to stay on track with your goals.

Having an exercise routine is great as it helps track how stronger you are getting. Start where you are and build on it. If you like cardio workouts like walking, running, swimming, you can make gradual changes by adding distance and intensity. For example, walk faster and walk an extra mile. If you do pushup, go from the maximum you can do and build on it as you get stronger.


Stress has a way of finding us no matter where we are, therefore focusing on a positive mindset helps us cope better when stressful situations arise. A positive mindset doesn’t happen by default, it’s an intentional habit. Some ways to have a positive mindset is eliminating negative things in our lives, keeping a gratitude journal, doing yoga, prayer, meditation, and talking to a good listener about your stress, just to mention a few.


How are you doing on the new year health goals you set out to accomplish?


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